Schmallenberg virus infections observed

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19 november 2014

Recently, in Germany in a number of calves and lambs Schmallenberg virus (SBV) was detected. In the Netherlands the CVI (Central Veterinary Institute) in the past few months detected the virus in several cattle.

This indicates that virus circulation had occurred again. In the Netherlands the virus was detected for the last time at the end of 2012. Recent investigations in heifers showed increased antibody levels. Schmallenberg virus infections during pregnancy may result in malformations in new-borne calves and lambs or abortions.

Research results of the Animal Health Service (GD Deventer) and the CVI have shown that the majority of adult cattle have antibodies against Schmallenberg virus. Random sampling and testing of cattle in winter 2013/2014 by GD showed that around 80% of adult cattle had antibodies against SBV. These animals will not have malformed calves. This is possible in heifers because younger animals may not have experienced SBV infection yet. Younger sheep may give birth to malformed lambs. In cases like that farmers are advised to get in touch with their veterinarian.