Science & Innovatiecafé op Wageningen Campus


Science and innovation café on Wageningen Campus

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14 september 2017

This autumn, Wageningen Campus sees the start of a science and innovation café, entitled Campus Connect. It is intended for enterprising Agri-Food professionals who pursue innovation and knowledge sharing and are interested in the markets of tomorrow.

Every café has its own theme. A scientist provides insight into the latest state of affairs and a glimpse into the future, a contribution from the business community is made and Agri-Food startups are present. Networking is an important part of the programme. The favourite hangout will be Impulse, the debate and meeting centre on campus.

The rationale behind ​​Campus Connect is that the campus is designed to optimise the meeting and connection between knowledge organisations, educational institutions, businesses and startups, with a wide variety of meeting places, both in the buildings and on the campus grounds. In addition, many different activities are being organised that focus on knowledge sharing much like Campus Connect, based on the general idea that knowledge sharing is as important as knowledge development. The programme is always organised in the same way, with doors opening at 17:00, a substantive contribution by various speakers from 17:30 to 18:00, and a concluding networking reception until 19:00.

On Thursday 21 September, the first Campus Connect will take place under the theme ‘Sustainable Nutrition’, with contributions from Professor Harry Wichers on the Sustainable Future Protein project and Professor Atze Jan van der Goot on Plant Meat Matters.

On Thursday 19 October, 'Urban/Vertical Farming' will be on the table and on Thursday 16 November, 'Block Chain’ will be the focus.

More information and registration for Campus Connect.