Science and the organic greenhouse sector meet at OGH 2016 in Izmir


Science and the organic greenhouse sector meet at OGH 2016 in Izmir

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27 oktober 2015

11-14 April 2016 there will be an international symposium on organic greenhouse horticulture for growers, advisors, scientists, traders and suppliers. The International Society for Horticultural Science, COST Action Biogreenhouse and EGE University will organise the 3rd International Symposium on Organic Greenhouse Horticulture in Izmir, Turkey. During the symposium participants will exchange the latest information from research and practice that can be used to in the improve results in organic greenhouse /protected horticulture.

The Symposium will have both a scientific program and a technical program and will include one day field tour during which different organic protected cropping systems will be visited.

Scientific program

The scientific program will include three days of invited lectures, oral presentations, and poster sessions covering all aspects of organic greenhouse farming. This symposium will focus on soil and plant health via the use of appropriate robust plant material, the soil, water and nutrient management, including compost quality, as well as the plant protection. Energy use efficiency and sustainability of organic growing systems will also be important subjects. This unique event will offer possibilities for new collaborations in research.

Technical program

The technical program will include three days of knowledge exchange sessions covering all aspects of organic protected crops where stakeholders such as growers, suppliers (i.e. seed and planting material, fertilizers, compost, tunnels and greenhouses, plant health and irrigation technologies ), managers, consultants, researchers, governmental advisors, educators, certification bodies and policy makers will exchange their expertise and views and will discuss key topics in order to provide innovative and practical solutions to important issues and barriers that the organic sector has to face to insure its competitivity and profitability.

The scientific and technical program are open to all participants and will offer ample opportunities for exchange information. Participants can also visit the exhibition area where sponsors of the event will present their products and innovations.

At the occasion of this event the Biogreenhouse COST Action will make public more than 15 publications for the organic protected sector about compost making, fertilisation, water management, energy economy and saving, leaflets on crop health tools for defining sustainability, reviews on crop health issues, hazards of organic greenhouse products, about seed health and nursery techniques. All these publications will be handed over to the sector and to all participants.

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