Scoop; 1 billion Chinese viewers?

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4 oktober 2016

Due to the success of the book From grass to glass and the successful Sino-Dutch Dairy Development Center (SDDDC) collaboration, the Chinese television network China Central TeleVision (CCTV) wants to make a documentary of the Dutch Dairy Chain.

This television station is the main state broadcaster and has a range of more than one billion viewers! Within the SDDDC cooperation, Wageningen Academy plays an important role in linking relevant knowledge and organizing events such as study visits and organizing in-depth courses in the Netherlands and in China. Regarding the Dutch Dairy Chain, China is interested into how the Dutch dairy industry has developed over the past decades, with all its foreseen and unforeseen challenges. Eventually, the video shoot will result in a 60 minutes documentary, divided in 3 parts of 20 minutes. For this documentary several locations will be filmed and several people will be interviewed, including prof. Dr. Ir. Louise Fresco.

More information on the SDDDC project: