Searching several databases simultaneously

Published on
May 23, 2006

Since the end of March it is possible to search several databases simultaneously in the Wageningen Desktop Library.

For this the Library uses Metalib from ExLibris. This package has two search options, QuickSearch and MetaSearch.

With QuickSearch you can execute “quick and dirty” search actions in pre-defined sets of 10 databases at a maximum. When composing these ‘QuickSets’ the starting point was to offer a quick first entry for the broader subject areas of Wageningen UR for searching scientific literature.

MetaSearch offers more possibilities to determine yourself which databases you wish to search. Here too we have put together groups of databases in subject categories. A list of these can be found in the Shortcuts section of the Wageningen Desktop Library.

After a search action you may view in MetaLib a combined and de-doubled list of search results. This is not possible for all bibliographic databases yet. With some databases you only see a list with the number of records found as your search result. To view these records you are transferred to the interface of database in question.

Wherever, relevant links to search actions via MetaSearch and QuickSearch are offered in the Wageningen Desktop Library. These search actions are meant especially for a first orientation. For advanced search actions you better use the bibliographic database’s own interface, which can be approached from MetaLib with one mouse click.

(Newsletter 3-2006)