Seed Money Project China


Seed Money Project granted

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18 juni 2015

The Seed Money Project (SMP) ‘Feeding China Sustainably with Precision Livestock Farming (PLF)’ has been granted. It reflects the needs of transferring Dutch expertise in PLF to China. It also follows the demands of the Chinese market, as well as the ambition of the Dutch Small and Medium sized Enterprises’ business to expend to China.

China consumes half of the total world’s pork and the demand is only increasing. Upscaling chain based, sustainable pig production with the innovative PLF concept and high-tech farm facilities are the solution for China’s rising demands for meat products. The Dutch pig industry with advanced knowledge, farm management and experience in PLF can help this transition.

Transferring Dutch PLF expertise to China

This project intends to design a Sino-Dutch Public and Private Partnership cooperation model and wants to carry out a feasibility study on implementing modern technology (PLF & farm facilities – software & hardware & management) in Chinese conditions.

These studies are to enhance the sustainable development of pig production in China, first with a demonstration & education site, then spread this knowledge to other locations and other chains.


On the Dutch side the partners are Fancom, Nedap, Vereijken Hooijer, Litams, U-Byte and Wageningen UR Livestock Research. On the Chinese side the partners are China Animal Husbandry Group (CAHG), New Hope-Liuhe (NHLH) and others. They are actively involved in this project, which also gets strong support from the Agriculture Counsellor in China.