Seed aid: local when possible

Published on
November 5, 2014

Seed governance. From seed aid to seed system security in fragile areas

Aid agencies aiming to increase food security in an emergency situation should try to support local seed markets in the region or country whenever possible, instead of bringing in seeds from abroad. This is the main finding of the expert consultation ┬┤From seed aid to seed governance' organized on 17 June 2014 by Cordaid and Wageningen University.

Seeds are crucially important for the productivity of farming systems. The type of varieties and the potential of the seeds may differ widely. Yet what is achieved with the seeds depends on the farming conditions and on farm management by the smallholder farmer.

In times of conflict or distress, women and men smallholders may have little or no seeds available for the next planting season. This is where seed aid comes in.

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