Seminar and workshop on 12 April: Opportunities for studying cellular metabolism in live cells with the Seahorse analyzer

Published on
March 17, 2017

Shared Research Facilities and Human and Animal Physiology are organizing this seminar. Scientists from supplier Agilent Technologies will introduce the Seahorse and show you its possibilities. Researchers from WUR and other universities will present their experiences with the Seahorse analyser. In the afternoon you can take part in a hands-on workshop in the labs of Human and Animal Physiology chair group where Agilent will demonstrate applications and train users on the Seahorse.

Cellular metabolism is the intricate network of pathways providing energy and building blocks. Disturbance of the metabolic network is an underlying mechanism of many diseases in humans, animals and plants. Understanding metabolic imbalances can lead to specific dietary interventions, targeted to prevent disease or to design novel therapies for human and animal diseases. Sample types can be plant or yeast cells, human and animal blood or tissue cells.


9.30 – 11.30 hrs Seminar “Measuring mitochondria and metabolism with the Seahorse – New opportunities and applications”

·        Introduction by Shared Research Facilities

·        Seahorse and its possibilities by Agilent Technologies

·        Experiences with the Seahorse by WUR and other universities

12.30 – ca. 17.00 hrs SeaHorse demonstration and training workshop

For more information and registration go to: Seminar and workshop: studying cellular metabolism in live cells with theSeahorse analyzer