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Series of lectures: meat from the lab

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22 mei 2014

A hamburger made of stem cells from a cow. The professor who made the world's first lab-burger, Mark Post, will tell his story in Wageningen on the 27th of May. It is the first lecture in a series of three about Meat from the Lab, organised by Studium Generale.

Tuesday 27 May - Cultured Meat: the Inside Story

What were the social and technical obstacles to come to this first piece of cultured meat? And what has been happening since? Mark Post will tell the inside story and give a taste of the future of cultured meat.

Tuesday 3 June - Meat, Culture and Emotion

Cultured meat may be hopeful in some respects, but will it find a place within existing food cultures? Professor Cor van der Weele of Wageningen University will give her views. And PhD candidates from different parts of the world report about responses in their home countries.

Dinsdag 10 juni - Meat Transition

Animal meat production and consumption comes with a lot of problems. Why then does it seem so difficult to make the transition to a society that consumes substantially less meat? What are the barriers, where are the roads ahead? Could cultured meat be part of the solution in the transition to alternative protein sources? A discussion between Professor Tiny van Boekel (Wageningen University), Corinne Cornelisse (Partij voor de Dieren) and Dick Veerman (Foodlog).