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Share pictures of beautiful insects via #topinsect

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28 juli 2014

Take a photo of that odd-looking bug you encounter during the summer holidays and share it on twitter using #topinsect. The editorial board of will make a list of the 10 coolest, weirdest or most impressive holiday insects.

Tweet your insect photos

Insects on holiday

It's holiday time again; time to explore nature, enjoy the sunshine, view monuments and visit cities. But why not also pay a bit of attention to the smaller things in life, such as insects? Admire that brightly coloured beetle, that elegant dragonfly or that ferocious-looking spider. View your holiday environment with different eyes, capture magnificent insects on camera and share your best photos on twitter using #topinsect.

Protection against insect bites

Some multi-legged creepy crawlers (and flyers) have a less pleasant side, too. They can disrupt the holiday feeling by buzzing around the picnic table or by feeding on your blood. Sometimes, insect bites can cause allergic reactions and there are even animals that can transmit diseases. Here are some simple measures to protect yourself against stinging and biting insects while on a holiday: mosquito nets, insect repellent and tick-resistant clothing.

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