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Sharing data benefits research

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5 april 2018

After having published his data, PhD candidate Corjan Nolet was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was re-used by a research group at the University of Twente. This case shows that data archiving, part of good data management practice, really has scientific benefits.

Upon publication of a scientific article, Corjan archived the dataset in the certified 4TU Data Archive. This archive offers the knowledge, experience and tools needed to archive research data in a standardised, secure, and well-documented manner. It is one of the preferred archives in the new RDM policy, and the archiving process is supported by Data Management Support. Archiving data in this archive is (so far) without costs.

Thanks to Corjan having archived his dataset, the Department of Natural Resources of Twente University could re-use it. Read the complete story on the OpenScience blog of WUR Library.