Short report of our February meeting

Published on
February 24, 2020

During our February meeting we invited the Dean of Research Professor Wouter Hendriks to hear his vision on research and to understand his role a Dean of Research within WUR.

We had a fruitful discussion on the role and support for the Dean of Research, the set-up of a more extensive PhD office, the Tenure track system and the role of Erkennen en Waarderen (the new idea of assessing TTers on the basis of qualitative and team-based criteria versus assessing on the basis of individual credits for output), NWO funding rules (new requirement to have preproposals assessed by the university first for selection).  The time was too short to discuss everything so a follow up meeting will be planned in the future.

During our February meeting we also discussed ‘Erkennen en Waarderen’ (what do we see as Excellence?). One of our members is involved in the working group evaluating and shaping new TT criteria on the basis of Erkennen en Waarderen. In addition, we discussed the Alliance between TU/e, WUR, UMCU and UU; all the young academies of these universities are involved in an effort to strengthen collaborations by coming up with unusual projects and we prepared our second brainstorm meeting with the Alliance on Feb. 20.