Sign up for the 100 years Sweater Design Challenge!

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25 april 2017

Are you the new design talent waiting to be discovered? Would you like your design featured on the 100 years sweater for the Wageningen University & Research anniversary year? Sign up now for the 100 Years Sweater Design Challenge!

The Circular Economics Student Hub challenges you to design the new sweater for Wageningen University & Research. The competition is open to all staff members and students of Wageningen University & Research. Combining an online poll and a jury voting, the winning design will be announced on 2 June 2017 during the Circular Fashion Symposium.

Circular Fashion 2017 calls for sustainability of fashion and circular economy. The activities are aimed at connecting students, researchers and companies to address the challenges of the fashion industry and create innovative solutions for a sustainable fashion future.

The 100 years project organisation is happy to support this initiative and will participate in the legal panel. The winner will receive, besides eternal fame, of course his own copy of the sweater and a limited edition 100 years gift box!

Click here for more information about the challenge and the subscription form.