Simple soilless cultivation


Simple soilless cultivation

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2 juni 2015

Looking abroad you see the wish to grow out of the soil. As horticultural sector we have to adapt the growing systems to local standards, especially for Low-Tech. In High-Tech and Mid-Tech Dutch industry can deliver everything what is needed. For Low-Tech we have to look in the past to develop simple and robust systems adapted with present day equipment.

For growers in Asia or Africa it must be possible to start with a simple system, to produce for the local market, to earn money and to expand to Mid-Tech. We developed, based on the (local) substrate used, an optimal irrigation strategy and learn the growers how to fertilize with for example mixed fertilizers and to reuse drainwater in other crops. It is the challenge to find suitable, cheap, materials and to start automation in such a way that after the first earnings a sustainable soilless growth to Mid-Tech can be achieved.