Small Online Private Course on Complex Adaptive Systems

Published on
January 6, 2017

SPOC, Small Online Private Course, on Complex Adaptive Systems

This course comprises seven short videos and some links to
other sources. You can take it as a primer on what the study of Complex Adaptive Systems through agent-based models can bring to the life sciences. It takes half an hour.

For whom?
This course is for policy makers, researchers, students, or anyone else who wants to understand how complex systems in the life sciences can be studied. In particular, to see how their dynamic behaviour can be 'grown' through agent-based models.

Wageningen is committed to studying how to improve the
resilience of socio-technical and socio-ecological systems. This is vital for
our planet’s health and for our survival. For these aims, systems under study should be studied in ways that do justice to their complexity. Complex Adaptive Systems are therefore a core element of Wageningen University and Research’s strategic plan. Policies that take a complex systems perspective are likely to be less haphazard and more effective than others.

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