Soil in the Netherlands newsletter

Published on
February 26, 2010

You can subscribe for free to the newsletter 'Bodem in Nederland' (Soil in the Netherlands). The newsletter is compiled from the database Land Bodem Water (Land Soil Water) and contains publications in the fields of soil conditions, soil ecology, soil quality, ecosystems, geohydrology, geochemistry and subsoil. There is an overview of new library acquisitions and journal articles and a selection of noteworthy publications (so-called 'green jewels'). After 'Natuur in Nederland' (Nature in the Netherlands) and 'Landscape in Nederland'(Landscape in the Netherlands), 'Bodem in Nederland' is the third newsletter from this database.

Land Bodem Water contains field-oriented information on the Netherlands. The database is aimed at green space where the living environment is the focus in the following areas: soil, landscape, climate, nature, ecology, forest, recreation, sustainable land use and hydrology. In compiling the newsletter, special attention is given to professional literature and reports that are not available elsewhere or that are difficult to access.

(Newsletter 1-2010)