Special Issue: Marine governance in European seas: processes and structures of regionalization in the journal of Ocean and Coastal Management

Published on
December 2, 2015

The new generation of EU marine policies provide a framework of principles and aims to implement Ecosystem-based Management (EBM). However, they set forward challenging governance endeavours as they require institutional change to allow for a shift from sectoral based governance to integrated marine governance.

Marine governance has emerged as a field of study that uses perspectives from political science, sociology, public administration, geography, planning, and international law to study the institutional changes associated with the rapidly growing body of marine and maritime policies. Given the fragmented landscape of perspectives, theories and hypotheses on the nature of institutional change required, new more integrated approaches are needed to understand and reflect upon the current dynamics in marine governance. This special issue recognizes this need and brings together a set of articles reflecting on the processes of regionalization, cooperation and integration in marine governance within the context of the European Union. Reflecting on how regionalization affects different European Seas and different sectors, this special issues brings forward new theoretical and empirical insights into the evolving importance of regional institutions and decision making fostering cooperation and integration in order to create an integrated approach towards the management of Europe's marine ecosystems.

The full article can be found here.

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