Special collections now available at CGN

Published on
December 7, 2015

In addition to its regular gene bank collections that CGN maintains for current and future generations, the Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands (CGN) has started to offer seed samples from collections that have been developed for a specific purpose targeting specific user groups.

Tomato and lettuce

Since November 2015, a  collection of 55 tomato lines has been made available for utilization. This collection consists of a series of inbred progenies of re-sequenced individuals from regular accessions, providing near-certainty that the publicly available DNA sequences are fully retained in all of the seeds that are offered. A collection of 500 lettuce lines that will be re-sequenced in 2016 is currently under development.

Special collections vs regular collections

CGN maintains collections for the purpose of ex situ conservation and availability of crop diversity in perpetuity. These ‘regular collections’ are managed according to standard procedures. In addition, CGN has started to introduce alternative collection types that are not primarily aimed at conservation as such, but rather serve a specific purpose or better address the needs of specific user groups. As the nature and purpose of each collection type can be different, also the protocols to manage these collections can, and often will, differ from those of the regular CGN collections. The range of specific purposes and specific user groups can be wide, and collections serving these purposes and user groups are collectively referred to as ‘special collections’. Particularly in combination with their associated information, special collections may provide high added value for utilization.

More information available at:

The special collections pages of the CGN website.