Special issue in Environmental Science and Policy: “Organising productive science-policy interactions for sustainable coastal management. Lessons from the Wadden Sea”

Published on
February 2, 2016
This special issue provides more insight into how specific arrangements for organising science–policy interactions contribute to scientifically and socially robust knowledge for the Wadden Sea area.

The papers in this special issue address two important themes, namely the understanding of the relation between knowledge production and governance; and more specifically, the understanding of boundaries and boundary objects in science–policy interactions and joint knowledge production. A variety of cases and science-policy interaction arrangements are analysed and evaluated. The special issue was edited by two colleagues from Wageningen University, prof. Dr. Jan van Tatenhove (ENP) and prof. Dr. Hens Runhaar (FNP), in cooperation with Dr. Henny van der Windt (University of Groningen). The special issue can be downloaded here.

Special Issue Wadden Sea_Hens Runhaar.JPG