Spotlight publication: Cooperatives, economic democratization and rural development

Published on
February 19, 2016

Award winning book on agricultural cooperatives and rural development in developing and transition countries.

The Association of Cooperative Studies Institutes (AGI) has unanimously decided to award Jos Bijman with the AGI International Science Prize for his research and publications on cooperations. In January Jos Bijman et al. published a book, entitled Cooperatives, economic democratization and rural development. The book elaborates on agricultural and horticultural cooperatives in developing countries, which must undergo a transition to participate effectively in world trade. Better management and realistic objectives are also integral to this transition. Five staff members (Ruerd Ruben, Annemarie Groot Kormelinck, Stefano Pascucci, Jessica Duncan and Christine Plaisir) of the Social Sciences Group wrote a chapter in this book. Jos Bijman is chairman of the Social Sciences Library Committee.