Spotlight publication: The first DOI for 'Sustainable Consumption and Marketing'

Published on
March 14, 2016

Ynte van Dam’s PhD thesis was the first publication to be assigned a DOI by Wageningen UR Library. The Library started issuing DOIs to PhD theses and Wageningen UR reports at the end of January 2016. So far we have received 60 requests for DOIs.

Sustainable Consumption And Marketing

The thesis defended by Ynte van Dam on March 9th offers concrete recommendation for research into sustainable market orientation and for research into sustainable market systems. The full text of the thesis 'Sustainable Consumption and Marketing' can be downloaded from our repository Staff Publications. This publication was the first thesis to be assigned a DOI.

What is a DOI?

A DOI is a Digital Object Identifier that provides a unique persistent reference to your publication. The DOI will remain the same even if the URL of a publication changes. The DOI is an internationally accepted identifier.

If you are preparing a Wageningen University PhD thesis, you will be given DOI instructions by the Doctorate secretariat of PhD Services. The DOI will be activated when the PhD thesis has been submitted.

Request a DOI (for a report) at Wageningen UR Library.