Storing Supplementary Data in the E-depot

Published on
January 13, 2011

The Library has recently begun offering Wageningen UR employees the opportunity to digitally save supplementary data with an article in the Library's e-depot.

If you publish an article in a scientific journal, the publisher sometimes asks for access to the article’s supplementary data. For example, he may want to see tables with measurement data that are too large to publish in the article but that are important for verifying the results and conclusions. The supplementary data may also be a set of digital photos or a video fragment illustrating the publication's content. The supplementary data can be important for the peer review process, but it can also be interesting for the article’s readers.

An example of digitally storing supplementary material is the following article:
Ke Peng, Monique M. van Oers, Zhihong Hu, Jan W. M. van Lent and Just M. Vlak, Baculovirus Per Os Infectivity Factors Form a Complex on the Surface of Occlusion-Derived Virus in Journal of Virology, vol. 84 no. 18(2010). (

“….In order to repair the pif1, pif2, and pif3 deletion bacmids, the coding sequences of these three genes plus their putative promoter regions (from position_150 relative to the ATG start codon) were amplified by PCR using the primer pairs pif1-rep-F/pif1-rep-R, pif-rep-F/pif2-rep-R, and pif3-rep-F/pif3-rep-R. NcoI and SphI restriction sites were introduced by the primers (see underlining in Table S1 posted at and used to clone the sequenced PCR products into a modified pFastBacDual vector (Invitrogen)….”

The supplementary file you deliver is entered into the e-depot. As the article’s author you then receive the web address where you can download the file. The Library ensures that this data is coupled with the appropriate article. Remember that this file is publicly accessible so that the article's readers and reviewers can consult the information.

You can deliver supplementary data by sending it as an attachment to or, if the file is large, to In the mail or Sendit message box, please state the journal’s title and, if known, the volume, the year, and the article's title and authors.

(newsletter 1-2011)