Opslag van duurzame energie in elektrische auto’s zorgt voor netbalancering


Storing energy won from sustainable sources in electric cars results in balanced grid

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16 juni 2015

The results of the Smart Grid in Balance project were presented on 11 June. This project has brought the fluctuating supply of sustainable energy and electric transport together in a world first. Peaks and troughs of energy production are balanced out by charging vehicles in a controlled way. The electric car serves as a mobile battery, allowing sustainable energy to be used on a large scale.

The production of sustainable energy is dependent on the availability of, for example, wind and sun. This results in peaks and troughs in supply.  These peaks and troughs can be levelled out by feeding the supply in a controlled way into the batteries of electric cars. When the wind blows strongly the car is charged more quickly than when there is no wind. Being able to control the need for energy means electric cars are an ideal way to use sustainable energy on a large scale, without the problems that would normally arise for the energy network. If there is too much sustainable energy then the car serves as a mobile battery and unburdens the network. This means that there is an enormous potential for saving money, because the high costs involved in strengthening and balancing out the net are prevented. The Netherlands is a world leader in this area. The Smart Grid in Balance platform is the first that is open to all network administrators, energy companies, charging-infrastructure providers, electric vehicles and intelligent charging stations and where interested parties worldwide can participate.

App allows driver to select energy source

Storing energy won from sustainable sources in electric cars results in balanced grid

The Smart Grid in Balance project has produced an app for drivers enabling them to see which energy source, sustainable or otherwise, their car is being charged with. The driver can then choose to only charge their car with sustainable energy. This app makes all of the sources of electricity for charging the car available to the electric car’s driver in an interactive way. A further part of the application is a smart pairing with Renault cars. This app combines relevant vehicle data with the process of charging the car in a particularly clever way, making it a quintessentially useful and unique solution in the supply of and demand for energy for electric vehicles.

Smart Grid in Balance

The Smart Grid in Balance project was begun in 2013. In this project ACRRES, a Wageningen UR initiative, is working together with: GreenFlux, Enexis, ICT Automatisering, Sycada Green, ICU Charging Equipment Antea Group, Accenture and Renault Nederland.