Strawberries planted at IDC Flavour in Bleiswijk

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21 januari 2014

On January 20th, Wageningen UR Greenhouse Horticulture started a demonstration in the Information and Demonstration Centre Flavour. In the IDC Flavour greenhouse, four strawberry varieties and three light treatments are being demonstrated.

The varieties Elsanta, Sonata, Darselect and Honeoye were chosen based on the expected differences in flavour and healthy components in the fruits. The standard treatment is LED toplight with a light intensity of 70 ┬Ámol/m2/s. Darselect and Honeoye plants will receive additional light treatments, hybrid lighting with LEDs above the plants and LED interlighting, with the same light intensity as toplight treatment. The fruits will be tasted regularly by a tasting panel. Measurements will also be taken of sugars, acids, vitamin C, the content of anti-oxidants and the production.

The IDC Flavour will be opened in the beginning of May and results of the first trials will be demonstrated.

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