Student Collection Appreciated

Published on
July 3, 2008

In addition to an extensive collection of scientific books and journals, the Forum Library also houses a so-called student collection. In the collection, which is accessible to everyone, the library tries to bring together all the lecture notes and course books that are used in the education at Wageningen University. This collection is often used and is extremely valued by the students

In the digital library, you can find this collection in the portal Textbooks and lecture notes with an overview per field of all the necessary literature.

The Library and the WUR shop work together to keep this collection and the portal current. All of the books and lecture notes that are sold in the WUR shop are entered into the collection.
Even with these efforts, the collection is still not complete. To fill in the missing parts, the Library depends on the cooperation of lecturers. As such, we regularly ask lecturers to let us know what literature is mandatory and/or recommended for their course. We then take care of purchasing the material and placing it in the collection. Unfortunately, not everyone responds to our requests.

Are you a lecturer and can't find the literature from your course in the portal or is a book listed incorrectly, then please contact the Servicedesk to correct the problem.

(newsletter 5-2008)