You said, we did!

Published on
February 23, 2018

We recently had a flip chart in Forum Library where students could give feedback on how to improve the library. We got a massive response and we would like to thank you for your feedback! Find out what we have done in response to your feedback.

Upon your request several books have been bought by the Library. We also have subscribed to De groene Amsterdammer, a Dutch weekly news magazine.

Many of you want to be able  to relax more in the library. During the last study and exam weeks we offered some playful and relaxing activities, like coloring, jigsaw puzzles, games and a chessboard. The activities were  much appreciated and we will continue these activities in the next study and exam weeks.  

Highly appreciated are the office supplies we offer on the 2nd floor in Forum Library. Here you can find staplers and  2-, 4- and 23-hole punchers and sellotape. Several supplies, such as paper clips, plain paper, rubber bands, scissors, and correction fluid (white-out) are available on request at the lending desk. The lending desk also sells earplugs, earphones and plastic covers.  Other office supplies can be bought at the WUR shop.

And last but not least, we are also reviewing some of your suggestions to improve the Library's hardware (more plug sockets, lamps etcera.)

Your views and opinions are important to us, so keep on giving us feedback. Use the flip chart in Forum Library, contact us via the chat on the website or come by at the lending desk to tell us in person!