Students be aware of copyrights on study materials!

Published on
August 19, 2019

Do you use websites like “”, “” or “” to share or upload study materials publicly? Please be aware this might be risky because of copyright law.

Be aware of copyrights on study materials!

Almost all study materials are copyright protected. According to copyright law, you may not share or make study materials publicly available without permission of the material's maker. If you share study materials without permission you are violating copyright. This can result in serious actions from the material's maker such as retraction of the material, fines or even law suits.

Rules of thumb

So keep in mind our rules of thumb when you want to share study materials through websites.

You may share or upload:

  • your own lecture notes;
  • self-written summaries of books or lectures. You may not copy parts of a book in your summary;
  • study materials that have an open license like creative commons licenses.

You may not share or upload:

  • (practice)exams; Keep in mind that this might also be seen as fraud.
  • assignments;
  • lecture PowerPoints;
  • complete or parts of readers or syllabi;
  • complete books or book chapters;
  • (journal)articles;
  • knowledge (video) clips;
  • lecture videos;
  • e-modules.

Do you have questions about sharing study materials with others? Please email us.