Study shows possibilities for growth for Croatian fruit & vegetable producers

Published on
February 5, 2019

After Croatian accession into the EU in 2013, the market environment for fruit and vegetables growers has changed considerably. The sector has been faced with a range of challenges and is looking for new opportunities to develop. At the request of The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Wageningen Economic Research carried out a study on the Croatian fruit and vegetables sector and value chain to make a contribution to the enhancement of the position of growers in the value chain.

The study shows that the Croatian fruit and vegetables farming sector has opportunities in the development of the domestic supermarket channel and tourism markets. In the short run, growers will benefit from improving yields, efficiency and product quality. Increasing supply volumes and hence marketing efficiency can also be achieved by improved cooperation between farmers and further land reform measures. A good competitive position on the domestic market is a necessary pre-condition for increasing exports.

In the longer term, in order to be able to develop export markets, the sector will benefit from the development of a buyers network, marketing, EU quality labels, and export logistics.