Study visit Wakayama University, Japan


Study visit organised for Wakayama University, Japan

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23 maart 2016

On 21 and 22 March 2016, a delegation from Wakayama University visited Wageningen UR. The delegation was particularly interested in food processing technologies and the relation between food and elderly people.


Wakayama prefecture holds the second place in Japan, regarding the amount of fruit production like Japanese apricot, persimmon and mandarin orange.  Although high quality fruits are produced, there are few universities within the prefecture that perform fruit processing and functionality research. In the future, farming companies and Japan Agricultural Cooperatives in Wakayama Prefecture would like to promote cooperation with overseas research laboratories including Wageningen UR to enhance the processing of fruit and functionality.


Account manager Asia of Wageningen UR, Arjo Rothuis asked Wageningen Academy to develop a programme for the delegation. On the first day, Henry Boerrigter showed the delegation the post-harvest research facilities at Wageningen UR and Ariette Matser guided them through the food hall. In the afternoon Jan Hassink presented green initiatives (care farms) for seniors with dementia, including a guided tour at Care farm Hoeve Klein Mariendaal in Arnhem. On Tuesday, Food Valley was visited and in the afternoon the delegation went to Hospital the Gelderse Vallei to learn more about the nutrition alliance: Ondine van de Rest informed the delegation about food related to the functionality of the brain and Jacqueline Klein Gunnewiek presented NutriProfile, including a guided tour through the lab.

Wakayama University delegation and Denise Spiekerman (Wageningen Academy)
Excursion: post-harvest research facilities Wageningen URliteiten Wageningen UR