Submitting Digital Dissertations

Published on
March 24, 2009

Wageningen University's doctoral regulations stipulate that doctoral candidates, in addition to 25 printed copies of their dissertation, have to give the Library:

  • A digital abstract of their dissertation in Microsoft Word
  • A PDF file of the dissertation, unprotected and preferably not bigger than 5MB

By making them digitally available, dissertations can be offered in Open Access and are then accessible worldwide. All dissertations are shown in WaY; the Wageningen online versions, plus those of other Dutch universities, can be accessed on Narcis, the gateway to Dutch scientific information, part of the Promise of Science.

The delivery of digital versions is not always going smoothly because PhD candidates have not been sufficiently informed of the regulation, refuse to send PDFs because of supposed copyright restrictions or forget to report that the embargo period has expired. For these problems, the following solutions have been proposed:

(newsletter 1-2009)