Successful course 'Gut health in pigs and poultry'


Succesful course 'Gut health in pigs and poultry'

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17 oktober 2016

Forty participants registered for the course ‘Gut Health in pigs and poultry, the influence of nutrition and immunology’, that took place on October fourth. In this article, a brief description of the course program.


The leader of the course, prof. dr. ir. Wouter Hendriks, opened the course and announced six interesting speakers during the day. Below an overview of the program from the course is shown, in which English was the official language.

- Enhancing the power of the immune system in pigs and poultry
Prof. H.F.J. (Huub) Savelkoul, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

- Interplay of Gastro-Intestinal Microbiota with its Animal Host
Prof. H. (Hauke) Smidt, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

- Lessons learned from immune modulatory interventions in poultry
Dr A. (Aart) Lammers, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

- The intestinal innate immune response, mechanisms and implications for feed composition and feed additives
Prof. T.A. (Theo) Niewold, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

- Effect of the diet on intestinal health in pigs and poultry
Dr A.J.M. (Alfons) Jansman, Wageningen UR Livestock Research, The Netherlands

- Intestinal health: what is there to add?
Prof. G.P.J. (Geert) Janssens, Universiteit Gent, Belgium

The course day finished with drinks, were participants could reflect the day with each other, with lecturers and with the course leader, while enjoying a snack and a beverage.

Personal impression

Maarten van Rees, Program Manager Animal at Wageningen Academy: “This was the first course I opened and attended, and the large interest and turnout was a real eye opener. This shows that intestinal health is an interesting and actual subject, in which its role within overall animal health is getting more important. Overall; it was a successful day and I am looking forward to the next edition.”

A couple of reviews from participants:

Question: Did the course meet your expectations?

- ‘Yes, I learned a lot.’
‘Yes, it covered many aspects, updated and recent findings.’
‘Yes, overwhelmed with knowledge.’


General information

This was the third edition of the course. Potential participants for the next edition, planned at the end of 2017, can register by completing the interest form on our website. These potentially interested obtain , free of obligation, a precedence status and are directly informed if the definite date is known.

Question? Feel free to contact Program Manager Maarten van Rees.
For more information about the course click here.