Successful Customer day Consultancy Projects Remote Sensing and GIS Integration Course

Published on
July 6, 2016

Within the Remote Sensing and GIS Integration Course (GRS60312) eight project teams have been working on real-life project within the field of Geo-Information for a broad range of external commissioners. During last weeks customer day, the student teams presented their final results of the projects to the commissioners.

The following cases were presented during the customer day:

  • Transforming data into information: Taking management zones into the field (Aurea Imaging): Geetika, Merijn, Yi, Dainius, William
  • Exploring cost and benefits of drones in the context of agricultural production (CTA): Ramin, Simon, Sophia, Vinicius, Erwin
  • Combining TLS data with UAV point cloud data for detailed forest inventory (BBA Forestry Consultants): Samantha, Jan, Christos, Jianqi, Careli
  • Vegetation maps from Remote Sensing to support grazing management in nature reserves (HAS Den Bosch): Deirdre, Mark, Felix, Aline, Maggie
  • Guide To Nature app for the Netherlands (Innovation Agro and Nature, Ministry of Economic Affairs): Rik, Maartje, Bob, Lobke, Bart
  • Finding suitable residential sites based on open data on a regional and national scale (Aveco de Bondt): Maria, Joris, Stijn, Richmond, Klaas
  • Spatial insight in asbestos use in the Netherlands (Witteveen and Bos Consultants): Gijs, Tim, Jos, Peny, Five, Jorn
  • Optimal distribution of 300 public water tap points in the city of Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam): Arno, Bob, Rogier, Allan, Nicolas, Jarren