Successful postharvest training in Beijing


Successful postharvest training in Beijing

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5 februari 2015

Beijing Fruitong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (FRT China) and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research organized the second international symposium “Fresh-keeping and Postharvest Management Expertise of Fruits and Vegetables” in January this year. A large number of agribusiness entrepreneurs from across China learnt more about how to maintain the quality and freshness of agricultural products during storage, transport and circulation.

Prolong shelf life

A large number of senior agricultural professors and authoritative experts in the agricultural industry shared their experience and academic research results on how to prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables while maintaining their original nutrition and flavor. The presenters’ demon covered the fresh-keeping of mushroom, broccoli, specialized blueberry, mango, kiwi fruit and other premium agricultural products. In the training also on- site experiments were performed to identified new solutions to problems and to create better understanding of the postharvest storage technology.

Future knowledge sharing

With this training (tailor-made for Chinese domestic agribusiness enterprises) the attendee experienced that fresh-keeping of postharvest farm products is vital to maintain the quality and freshness of agriculture products during in storage, transport and circulation. In addition to high standard and advanced Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology, the original quality of fruits and vegetables holds the key to prolonging their shelf life.

After the symposium, FRT China and Food & Biobased Research signed an agreement for future collaboration on knowledge sharing and postharvest research.
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