Suggest a name for the centenary tent

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26 januari 2018

Coming days the promo team of 100 years WUR organises a name contest for the event tent. The tent will be placed on campus at the end of February, on the field between Orion and Atlas.

Several events related to the centenary will be held in a luxury event tent. This event location still misses a name. Therefore the student promo team opened a name competition today. Those who think of an original name, can submit their idea at the office of the promo team in Forum (first floor).

On Friday, during lunch, students already came up with creative names, of which Tentury, Centurium and Fermium, the element with atomic number 100.

Names can be submitted until 31 January. 100 years WUR will choose the winning name beginning of February. The mastermind behind it wins an anniversary sweater.

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