Summer School Efficiency and Productivity Measurement:

Published on
February 18, 2015

Summer School Efficiency and Productivity Measurement:
Static & Dynamic Analysis

Week 1: 6 - 10 July 2015

Parametric Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (Subal Kumbhakar and Chris Parmeter).

The first week introduces Stochastic Frontier Analysis to measure efficiency and productivity by letting the data span the frontier to establish best practice.

This approach coupled with the microeconomic theory of the firm provides firm-specific measurements of efficiency and best practice role models for improving performance.


Week 2: 13– 17 July 2015

DEA and Dynamic Efficiency and Productivity Analysis (Spiro Stefanou, Alfons Oude Lansink)

The second week presents Data Envelopment Analysis and introduces the measurement of dynamic efficiency and productivity.

The course addresses dynamic efficiency by a) tracking efficiency over time (which involves modeling exogenous versus endogenous forces and the impact of

covariates/environmental variables on econ performance), and b) persistence which involves identifying the contributions of structural (deterministic) sources and the stochastic sources.

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