Summer School Green Genetics #SSGG17

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13 september 2017

The fully booked Summer School Green Genetics took place from 29 August till 2 September. An international group of 36 students participated in this special programme. This summer school is a cooperation between multiple Seed companies and Wageningen University & Research , organized by Wageningen Academy.


This year’s edition the students visited Bayer, Syngenta, Barenburg, De Groot en Slot (Seed Valley) and NAKtuinbouw. All visits were perfectly organised by the companies and the students learned, saw and experienced a lot of fascinating aspects of the Dutch plant breeding and propagation industry. Besides the ‘study visits’ the students also followed lectures from several Wageningen University & Research plant breeding experts: prof. dr. ir. Richard Visser, dr. Gerard van der Linden and dr. ir. Sjaak van Heusden. The lecturers educated them on basic plant breeding topics, such as the historical developments so far, breeding techniques and upcoming GMO's. Another part of the programme was provided by John van ‘t Klooster, study advisor who gave a short pitch regarding study opportunities at Wageningen University & Research.

The students posed many questions and showed a tremendous interest. As a consequence, the students are highly appreciated by everyone participating and contributing to the programme.

What’s next?

After an intensive week, students not only learned a lot but also took the opportunity to ask a lot of questions regarding their specific interests on the subject, both regarding breeding and study or career opportunities. For sure we will welcome some of them this, or next year at Wageningen University & Research or as a young professional in a Seed Company.

During the week we always met a couple of former SSGG participants, like Tim van der Weijde (Barenburg) who introduced us in the world of grass seed and Carlos Castro Gamiz (Rijk Zwaan) who joined us to tell about his experiences as former WUR student. An interesting article about the summer school in a Dutch Government publication, with Carlos can be found here: page 20.

Student experiences

The SSGG17 students were asked to share their experiences after they finished the programme and evaluate the programme, this resulted in a short movie in which participants of the #SSGG17 and other Wageningen Summer Schools are filmed and interviewed:

My expectations of the summer school were pretty high because I know how good this university is and I have to say that it was up to that, everything as good as I expected. Everything is so organized, and that is what I like.
SSGG17 Participant

It was such a great experience to be with highly interested and motivated students, who all love the same subject.
SSGG17 participant