Symposium: Connecting Research Data. Good Practices for Data Integration and Reuse

Published on
September 24, 2015

On October 17, the symposium ‘Connecting Research Data. Good Practices for Data Integration and Reuse’ will take place at Free University Amsterdam.

This symposium will focus on good practices concerning the collecting, structuring, visualising and sharing of research data. Speakers will address the (im)possibilities and the future of sharing open data. In several break-out sessions about twenty researchers from various disciplines will share what data challenges they encountered during their research, how they approached them and what tools were helpful. The symposium will also offer an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas: not only between researchers, but also between researchers and service providers regarding data through an information market of research and data services.

For researchers of all institutions and disciplines. Registration is mandatory. Check out the symposium site for more information.