Symposium: Plant control by LED light - Wageningen - 19 October 2017 - fully booked!

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11 oktober 2017

On Thursday 19 October 2017 the Horticulture & Product Physiology Group will again organise a symposium on Plant control by LED light.
The 2017 symposium will include presentations from several researchers from universities and research organisations. They will present the latest insights from scientific research on control of plant production by LED light.
There will also be an extensive discussion with companies active in city farming.
NOTE: the symposium of 19 October 2017 has been fully booked!

LEDs provide exciting possibilities to modulate spectrum and direction of light, to control instantaneously light intensity, and to decouple lighting from heating.
This allows not only to control growth, development and yield of plants, but also to control quality, disease resistance and last but not least to save energy.
It is assumed that the coming years the use of LEDs will increase exponentially. Different forms of city farming such as plant factories or vertical farming attract a lot of attention. Many city farm initiatives pop up around the world. All these systems have in common that they want a full control of the production of horticultural crops by the use of LED lighting.