Tailor-made programme for Stanley

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31 maart 2017

China, 21 March 2017. Janine Luten and Zhen Liu from Wageningen Academy visited Stanley to sign the contract for the development of a three day training programme. This special event was joined by the CEO of Stanley and the mayor of the county. Stanley is one of the biggest fertilizer companies of China.

Soil management and fertilizer

Last summer a delegation of Stanley went to Wageningen University & Research and had a fruitful meeting with experts from different science groups. Based on the previous communication and a meeting in Beijing  a three day programme  is developed. Two courses will take place in China and one in the Netherlands. Both experts from the plant sciences group as well of the environmental sciences group will take care of the programme and travel to China. The course in the Netherlands will be combined with lab visits, on-site learning and local company visits. During the whole programme a Soil Fertility Tool will be the backbone of the training and an important part of the didactical concept. In this way we are able to support the staff  and distributors of Stanley in an effective way of learning to transform the knowledge into practice.

More information

The programme development is coordinated by Wageningen Academy. In case of any questions, please contact Miel Hooijdonk, programme manager.