Price for Chemie Student competition with detection sensor for bioweapons

Published on
December 11, 2017

During the annual CHAINS conference, Team CRISPR Clear (WUR) was awarded the best team of the Topsector Chemie student competition.

The students Martijn van Galen, Carina Nieuwenweg en Angelina Horsting competed this year as Team CRISPR Clear in the topsector Chemie Student Competition. In collaboration with the chairs BioNanoTechnology (Vittorio Saggiomo), Microbiology (John van der Oost) and by TNO (Erwin Berendsen) the students developed a cheap and simple sensor that can detect possible bioweapons within an hour.

At the large Chemistry conference CHAINS, NWO and Topsector Chemie announced that Team CRISPR Clear was the best team of the competition and awared the students with the appropriate honour and a check of a 1000 euro sponsored by DSM.

The victory of this team was reported by NWO, C2W and RESOURCE.

In this movie the students present their project:

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