Team of the Month: Pila Ictus (Waterpolo)

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2 juni 2015

Team: W.S.W.V Pila Ictus

Sport: Waterpolo

Number of athletes in the team: ±22 members       

Training Times: 2 times in a week, Monday 22.00-23.00, Thursday 22.00-23.30

Trainer: Bjorn Pastoors

Matches: Yes

What makes your team unique in Wageningen? We as Pila Ictus accepted the challenge to play waterpolo, a sport that maybe scares some people because it combines swimming with the physical aspect of a sport. The nice thing about our association is that we have members with waterpolo experience ranging from 0 to almost 15 years!

What was a memorable moment as team? The annual Christmas dinner, but also the several tournaments in the summer

Which goals do you have this year? More members, because more members means more fun. So don’t be scared and join a practice with us!