Team of the Month: WSPV Allegra

Published on
December 16, 2015

Association/Team: WSPV Allegra

Sport: Pole dancing

Amount of sporters in the team: The association of Allegra has now 25 members and is still growing every week. We don’t have teams as you have with soccer, but as a group we have a lot of fun during training. It is also possible to do duo pole dancing and join competitions, so then the team has two pole dancers.

Trainings hours: For pole dancing you want to get strong and flexible and that takes some training. We have a beginners and advanced course on Tuesday evening and a member hour on Friday, but we often train on different moments during the week. In groups of three, members are allowed to train outside of the regular training hours. Most pole dancers of our association train 2 or 3 times in a week.

Trainer: Our great teacher is Laura ten Hove. She is teaching us since the beginning of 2015 and hopefully for a lot longer!

Matches: Pole dance competitions are organized in a lot of different places in the Netherlands. Last year, two of our members joint the Dutch championships and did very well. In February the student pole dance competition will take place where a lot of our members will compete.

Wat is your unique selling point as team in Wageningen? WSPV Allegra is really great since we are all very motivated to get better at our sports and have a great time together. Since we are still in the start-up phase of the association we can think of all kinds of things we want to do or find important for the association. If members have ideas, the board is really open to listen and use the input. The sports is so great, because it is a combination of flexibility, strength and coordination. If you really want to challenge yourself physically and mentally or want to help in building a nice organisation, Allegra is suitable for you!

Wat was a top performance in your association this year? Last year we became officially a sports association, which is a great accomplishment. We also performed at the LEEF-festival in Wageningen where we got really nice reactions. As a group of pole dancers we have managed to create a lot of opportunities for ourselves to become better and promote our sports.

What is your goal for this year? This year we want to make sure that we keep connected with all of our new members and that they can enjoy the fun of pole dancing and our great group of athletes. We also want to keep motivating people to challenge themselves and try pole dancing, by giving workshops and performances.