Testimonial Jelle van Keimpema

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15 augustus 2019

With my interest being in medical biotechnology, I first did not expect to end up doing my BSc thesis at nematology. However, at the course Basics of Infectious Diseases I got to know about a research that was going on with nematodes, involving vaccination of cows. I was immediately interested and got the opportunity to work at the laboratory of Nematology to help with this research.

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My focus was on a protein secreted by Cooperia oncophora. During my time in the laboratory I tried to produce this protein in its native form. The objective was to prevent the cleavage of this protein, which happened when Nicotiana benthamiana was used as a production system. To reach my goal, I learned a lot about modern techniques used in the laboratory. Additionally, I expanded my background knowledge on glycosylation of proteins, which was used to try to prevent the cleavage of target protein.

Altogether, I had a very nice time at the laboratory of Nematology. My thesis allowed me to really do my own research for the first time, instead of following a protocol for a course practical taking 1-2 weeks. The atmosphere at Nematology is very pleasant, allowing you to work properly, but also enjoy your time.