Testimonial Victoria Gabriel Garcia Teruel

Published on
June 24, 2020

I arrived at Wageningen intending to learn more about molecular farming and see whether this topic was indeed my favourite research field. And after doing my MSc thesis in Nematology, I can convincedly say that I fulfilled my goal of learning and confirm that I really like molecular farming.

Victoria Gabriel Garcia2.jpg

I had the opportunity to perform exciting experiments and bioinformatics analysis, and to explore current literature. Despite the corona outbreak, which came just in the middle of my thesis, I had a great experience at the Nematology. I had the opportunity to do lab work, join some coffee breaks, and get to know the members of the department, where the environment was always amicable. 

Moreover, my supervisors were very supportive, and the project continued to develop positively, even under these circumstances. While working on my thesis, I always felt at liberty to choose what to focus on and discuss my ideas. I never felt disoriented, since I knew that I had my supervisors’ support. Furthermore, weekly meetings and thesis rings where you could discuss your project and get some insights were very fruitful. All in all, doing a thesis in Nematology was the best decision.