The Forum Library opens its doors on 16 July

Published on
June 19, 2007

After a couple of hefty, watery disappointments in the last months, it is finally ready: the new main location of the Wageningen UR Library is ready to receive its users. On July 16, you are welcome to visit the Library beginning at 8.30.

As employees we consider it a privilege to have such beautiful and well-equipped facilities at our disposal. Not only for ourselves but especially for our users. In the new Library, our users will find the entire collection for the life sciences in one place as well as an inviting and stimulating study and work environment as part of the educational facilities.  At the same time, we realise that nothing has changed for many users who will continue to use both the renovated Leeuwenborch Library for the social sciences and the few satellite locations for their work. On the other hand, some users will still rarely come to the library because they always have their digital library at hand anywhere they go.

We expect that the students in particular will quickly discover the new library as an oasis of bustling quiet, where they, as well as others, cannot only study but also enjoy a moment of relaxation, lounging with a newspaper, having a conversation and a view over the Wageningen Campus or far beyond it. With its many forms of service, the Wageningen UR Library is also contributing to the Quality of Life.

Dick van Zaane
Librarian, Wageningen UR

(Newsletter 2007-4)