The GEO Handbook on Biodiversity Observation Networks

Published on
December 1, 2016

The GOFC-GOLD Land Cover Office announces the release of the GEO Handbook on Biodiversity Monitoring Networks, edited by Michele Walters and Bob Scholes. The GOFC-GOLD LC Office co-authored this work that is accessible in Open Access

ISBN: 978-3-319-27286-3 (Print) 978-3-319-27288-7 (Online)

The GEO Handbook was edited with contributions from over 100 authors, from all over the world, including both scientists and practitioners. It covers approaches from in-situ observations to remote sensing, to modelling biodiversity and reporting. The book was designed to provide practical guidance to broadly-defined biodiversity observation networks at all scales, but predominantly the national scale and higher. The GEO Handbook on Biodiversity Monitoring Networks is a practical how-to book with substantial policy relevance, that includes practical suggestions on how to develop biodiversity monitoring programs.