The Hoogstraat according to student songwriter Van der Does

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13 december 2017

Kees van der Does wrote songs when he studied in Wageningen. He sent one of them to University Fund Wageningen, that collects memories linked to WUR in the context of the hundredth anniversary.

"Because you see all kinds of things on the Hoogstraat.
You see a girl riding far too nice a bike.
You see the masses cluster at the traffic light.
But you don’t see anything at 12 in the morning.
(because your eyes are closed)

Because there are all kinds of things to watch on the Hoogstraat.
You see the Friday evening pedestrian parade.
You see people with enormous problems.
But these seem small when you look at them from above.

Original in Dutch:

“Want op de Hoogstraat zie je allerhande dingen
Je ziet een meisje op een veel te mooie fiets.
Je ziet de massa voor het stoplicht zich verdringen.
Maar ’s morgens vroeg voor twallef ure zie je niets.
(omdat je je ogen dicht hebt).

Want op de Hoogstraat valt van alles waar te nemen.
Je ziet het Vrijdagavondslentervrijfestijn.
Je ziet er mensen met gigantische problemen
maar echt van boven af gezien zijn die maar klein.”

This is a couplet from the song “De Hoogstraat”, written by Kees van der Does in 1960. He had been studying at Wageningen University & Research since 1953 and was a member of the SSR-W Student Club. At the time, Van der Does lived on the Hoogstraat. 'The song describes what I saw when I would lean out of the window', he says.

De Hoogstraat” was not the only song that Van der Does wrote. 'I think I’ve written around a hundred songs, poems, and texts.' During his student days, he played some of these for the club.

Memories of WUR

Van der Does sent the lyrics of “De Hoogstraat” to University Fund Wageningen (UFW). In relation to the hundred-year anniversary of WUR in 2018, UFW has been collecting memories and experiences from students, staff members, and alumni. 'I sent in this song, because it provides a good description of the way the Hoogstraat looked in the past', says Van der Does.

Memories can be submitted online at 100x100 [link]. 'Through this, we want to provide a platform for people to share their memories of WUR with us', says Arianne van Ballegooij of UFW. 'Anyone can leave a message of up to 500 words online, but we also have room to tell stories that are longer. We will also display these memories on the Alumni Day (23 June 2018).' Van der Does’ entire song will be included as well.