The Library and Green Knowledge Network

Published on
May 22, 2007

Knowledge institutes within the 'Dutch Green Domain' have joined forces since 1 April 2005 in the 'Green Knowledge Cooperation'. They work together at three themes:

  • Renewal of "green education"
  • Passing on and circulation of "green knowledge"
  • Reassessment of the support structure of  "green education".

Especially regarding making accessible Public Knowledge within the domain, Wageningen UR Library makes an essential contribution to the knowledge circulation. The first results are beginning to get shape. A selection from ARTIK, the database with publications in the Dutch language is being supplied to for instance Green Knowledge Network and Agroportal. Selections are made also for Green Education in cooperation with teachers.

Morerover the Library is developing the 'Green Repository'. In this database research institutes and organisations within the domain can deposit their publications, which makes them available for various target groups on, for instance, special Portal sites. Within this framework, for instance, public documents from the Ministry for Agriculture and the Commodity Board for Agriculture are being deposited and  gathered in a uniform way and made available for re-use. This way Wageningen UR Library contributes to a healthy and sustainable information society.

(Newsletter 3-2007)