The Library of Jan Jaap Poos

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7 juli 2008

Wageningen IMARES with branches in IJmuiden, Yerseke, Texel and Den Helder is part of Wageningen UR. The IJmuiden branch of the institute for strategic and applied marine ecological research has a well-equipped library for its field. Jan Jaap Poos is one of the library's regular users. He studied Marine Biology and has been working for IMARES since 2000.

The 33-year-old researcher regularly uses the digital library and also often goes in the 'tangible' library to consult reference books that are not in the Digital Library. "This library also saves the Visserijnieuws (Fisheries News), which often has interesting observations for research", according to Jan Jaap, who is quite satisfied about the collection in the IMARES library, "Very good and extensive. And recently, after a number of requests, a number of important journals for our work have also been added." Jan Jaap also has no complaints about the digital library. The information is easily accessible and he can mostly find what he is looking for: "I consult the digital journals, including our subscription to JSTOR. I also use the dictionaries in the digital library quite regularly."

Jan Jaap knows of the library concentration in Wageningen, but that really isn't an issue for IMARES and the library, in his opinion. Poos is usually on the road for his work and he's often abroad, but he hasn't been in the Forum yet. He hasn't yet had the need. To date, he has been able to find just fine what he's looking for in the library facilities.

(newsletter 2-2008)