Berlin, venue TSC Member Summit


The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) organises Summit in Berlin and presents new CEO

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17 september 2014

The Sustainability Consortium Member Summit brings all its more than hundred members and other interested stakeholders together and takes place September 30 - October 2 in Berlin. It’s goal is to ignite new discussions for the advancement of product sustainability. For the first time this year TSC partners with the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) World Forum. Together they offer a neutral platform for companies and their stakeholders to reflect and act on challenges, practical experiences, initiatives, tools and insights towards socially and environmentally sound value chains. Nearly 40 speakers will be present from - among others - Unilever, Walmart, Ahold, Mars, European Commission, UNEP and FAO.

Laan van Staalduinen, who succeeded Aalt Dijkhuizen as Wageningen UR’s member of the TSC Board of Directors, will also be present. “With its scientific but practical approach and its impressive list of members, TSC is in the right position to have a strong positive influence on sustainability of consumer products

Key topics during the summit are the advancement of TSC Product Sustainability Toolkits, an update on the EU Environmental Footprint Initiative, outcomes of the pilot on identification and management of environmental and social hotspots in supply chains, and environmental policy options and self-regulation.

New CEO appointed

Sheila Bonini has been appointed to the position of chief executive officer, effective September 8. Bonini brings a wealth of sustainability expertise well-suited to TSC’s mission. Her work in Europe, South America and the United States gives her the breadth of experience needed to secure TSC’s place as the go-to organization on product sustainability globally. Bonini will be joining TSC after more than 15 years with the global consulting firm McKinsey & Company, where she served as senior expert consultant and co-leader of the company’s Sustainability Transformation Service

About The Sustainability Consortium

TSC is a global organization operating at the dynamic intersection of science and business to drive consumer product sustainability, with diverse participants working collaboratively to build a scientific foundation that advances innovation. TSC develops transparent methodologies, tools and strategies for a new generation of products and supply networks that address environmental, social and economic imperatives. Based in science and focused on impact, TSC advocates for a credible, scalable and transparent process and system. The Sustainability Consortium is comprised of more than 90 members, including NGOs, civil society and corporations from all corners of business. Wageningen UR is leading the European office of TSC.